Monday, April 23, 2012

Practically Guilt Free - No Bake Pizza

Kids and I just made this for our supper, twas delicious!!!

Ingredients include 8oz. low fat or fat free flavored cream cheese, 1 cup low fat or fat free sour cream, 1 whole wheat Italian pizza shell, 1 (12 to 12.5 oz) can drained grilled chicken, chopped yellow, green, red, and orange bell pepper, chopped baby carrots (optional), chopped red onion (optional), and quartered cherry tomatoes. (I didn't measure the veggies, just filled the pizza up to our liking), and 1 cup bacon toppings.

Directions: Mix cream cheese and sour cream together, well. Spread mixture evenly over pizza shell. Top pizza with chicken and veggies, then sprinkle the bacon over the pizza.


  1. That looks absolutely filling!! What an awesome meal that is and looks fun to make as well. Dropping by from Voiceboks and see you around :)

  2. Thank you Anne! It was filling and delicious. We enjoyed making it together as well. I'm loving voiceBoks so far :).

    ~God Bless

  3. What a fun recipe! I love this especially for the upcoming summer months when nobody wants to cook! Thanks for a great idea. So glad I found your site on voiceBoks. I'm now happily following!

    1. Thank you Kathy!! Hubby bowls with his work league on Monday nights, so kids and I usually have pizza and ice cream or watch a movie with popcorn, etc. It's our quality time night :) It was something kids and I could make together and we had fun doing it. Thank you for following me on voiceBoks too!

      ~God Bless