Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kute Kittens

I've had Tosha since she was at least 6 weeks old, picked her up from the side of the road, where someone put her out, back in 2009. She used to be my baby, until she had babies of her own at 6 or 7 months. Once pregnant, she became distant, but still likes to be babied some, especially after she's had a litter. She just had her 4th litter almost 5 weeks ago.

 Meet Trixie, Roly-Poly and the Un-named. Trixi is my baby, I'm giving Roly-Poly to my younger brother, because the one I gave him last year was killed. Roly-Poly was named by my kids, because he loves to roll, alot! My brother was visiting us last week, and said the kitten could keep that name :). Un-named is literally unnamed, because I'm giving him to my mother for her birthday. I also gave her a kitten last year, and a snake killed him last week. She's never loved a cat like she has that one, and she's so upset about losing him. Anyhoo, on with the pics :)
 Tosha's been keeping the kittens in our shed, feeding them several times a day. We've been going in their, petting them and getting them used to human contact, since early last week. We even tried to have them stay inside, but hubby and 10 year old have asthma. The kittens started getting to both of them, so I moved them back to the shed the day before yesterday.

Today, we took them to the back yard, and let them run around, and play. Roly-Poly and Un-Named are both a little jumpy, but Trixi isn't afraid of anything.

 We're gonna try and move Trixi back inside once she's 6 weeks old, because we think the other two may be what's bothering hubby and 10 year old. Since the kittens  are so differently colored, we're thinking Tosha may have concived back to back, from two different males. This is her first litter with a tabby, all the other litters were from a black and white stray, that stirs up the entire family's allergies. The male tabby is the neighbor's cat and has never bothered our allergies and asthma.

Anyhoo, just thought I'd share what we were up to today, besides the norm (schooling and such).

~Until next time, God Bless!


  1. Your kittens are so cute! Especially like the stripped one. New follower.